Dear Customers,

It has been our great pleasure to speak with many of you as you reviewed your results for the first time and to be part of helping so many of you discover a new part of yourself. Each of you is now, in some way, part of the DNA Spectrum family, which is why we feel the need to share this important development with you:

Due to issues with a supplier that was vital to the production of the DNA Spectrum product we are no longer able to provide new test results and have shut down production of the DNA testing and analysis products.

DNA Spectrum clients who have pending orders can expect a prompt refund.

DNA Spectrum clients who have already received their test results should access those results via our website as soon as possible and print an archive copy as digital results will no longer be accessible after December 31, 2015.

We invite you to send any questions, comments, or concerns to and we will reply as quickly as we are able.

The science behind DNA analysis is evolving and expanding with incredible speed. Who could have guessed that just a decade after the first human genome was mapped we'd not only be seeing medical breakthroughs related to DNA on an almost weekly basis, but also consumer DNA breakthroughs like genetic ancestry testing and even genetic fitness profiles? It has been a privilege to be part of this amazing field and we look forward to the incredible things DNA analysis will bring each of us in the coming years and wish each of you the best.

With warm regards,

DNA Spectrum, LLC.