Store your DNA now

DNA Spectrum has pioneered a way to store your DNA for future uses at a fraction of the previous cost and without a doctor's appointment or the inconvenience of a blood test.

Only $2/month

*billed annually

Top 5 Reasons to store your dna

Save a snapshot of your DNA

of cancer is from inherited
mutations, which means that
of cancer is due to genetic
mutations within your life time.

Your genome changes throughout your lifetime. As scientific breakthroughs continue and new therapies are discovered, it will be crucial to have a copy of your DNA at the youngest possible age. Our myDNA safe stores your entire genome, and epigenome, by stabilizing cheek cells and storing them from the date of your sample.



Establish protection and peace of mind today

Access to a stored DNA sample can be invaluable in case of certain emergencies. Forensic DNA matching can be completed in only a few hours and is often used in cases involving missing children and adults.

Prepare for genetic technologies that could change your life

Answers to battling cancer, eradicating genetic disorders, and delaying age-related diseases are contained within your DNA. Individuals with secure copies of their genome will be ready to take advantage of technological advances and new gene therapies.



Your genetic legacy continues

Without DNA storage, the answers hidden inside of your DNA are lost at the end of life. The myDNA safe preserves that unique genetic code for designated family members and may hold answers for generations to come.

Storing your DNA is secure, easy, and painless

DNA Spectrum does not share your sample or information. Access is granted only for a designated representative or you. After taking a sample from the inside of your cheek, simply return the Collection Kit in the pre-paid package and DNA Spectrum securely stores your DNA. Only you have access to control the sample, and your DNA is NEVER shared with anyone unless you choose.


Only $2/month

*billed annually