How DNA Spectrum works



  • Step I

    Choose the package that best fits your needs

    5 minutes

    It only takes 5 minutes to choose the DNA Testing package that is right for you.



  • Step II

    Receive our DNA testing kit and take a saliva sample

    4-5 business days

    You will receive your DNA testing kit in 4-5 business days.



  • Step III

    Send us your sample and we'll get to work

    2 business days

    Return your sample in our pre-paid envelope and it will arrive at our laboratory in 2 business days.



  • Step IV

    We will analyze your DNA and compile the results

    2 business days

    Our experts will take 2 days to analyze your DNA and compile the results.



  • Step V

    You will receive your results and discover your ethnicity

    4-5 business days

    Digital materials are available right away and your package will arrive shortly.