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Is DNA Storage Worthwhile?

What is the value of storing your DNA?
Beginning in the late 1980s, an increasing number of hospitals have offered parents the chance to save their babies’ umbilical cord blood after birth because of the high amount of stem cells within it. Stem cells, in theory, can help fix damaged tissue or possibly even stop diseases from taking hold. While cord blood storage is becoming increasingly common, there are still very few cases of the cord blood actually being used for good. A study completed last year showed […]Continue reading

Genetic Banks Storing the Future

Genetic banks are literally holding the future of life in their vaults
From piggy banks to the Federal Reserve, we all use banks of some sort in our lives. For most of us, our paychecks are deposited into them without a second thought. For doctors and nurses, blood banks save lives by providing injured people the life-giving fluid that regulates our bodies. In a similar vein to blood banks (pardon the terrible pun), scientists have recently begun promoting the value of a new type of bank – a genetic bank – to […]Continue reading

Biohacking Your Health and Fitness

Biohacking is DIY biology
Think of biohacking as self-improvement by applying technology to ‘hack’ the body’s natural systems. This practice involves the process of applying do-it-yourself (DIY) experimentation towards personal biology. For example, Bulletproof Coffee entrepreneur Dave Asprey successfully marketed the combination of low-toxin-containing coffee with grass-fed butter and coconut oil into a drink now popular with athletes, celebrities, and Silicon Valley nerds. Why? Because of its promise of increasing energy, shedding pounds, and most importantly, improving brain function. Building on this success, the […]Continue reading