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DNA: Discovering Who You Are

Discover your heritage with ease using DNA testing
Since scientists began unlocking the secrets of DNA nearly 70 years ago, the ramifications of understanding how the building blocks of life affects daily existence are still being felt today. One arena that DNA sequencing has profoundly changed is ancestry mapping. Understanding one’s roots is a natural and healthy activity for a variety of reasons. Ancestry mapping allows people to appreciate where they come from in terms of geography and culture. As many societies continue to embrace the ‘melting pot’ […]Continue reading

Fitness Technology Trends for 2015

Technology and personal fitness continue to converge in 2015
Finding the newest method to lose weight is a perennial concern for thousands of people every year. Good news is one does not need to continue approaching the battle of the bulge with old school techniques. As technology continues transforming society’s fabric through continued penetration, fitness itself is transcending its traditional bounds as new approaches to weight loss arise from digital means. Here are a few fitness tech trends that are poised to gain further traction in 2015: 1) Wearable […]Continue reading

Explore the History of Genetics

Learn about the history of genetics quickly and easily
Recent events have demonstrated the public’s pronounced lack of knowledge regarding genetics and genetic engineering. While it is unnecessary to possess a doctorate in order to understand the intricacies of this rapidly-evolving science, it is important to have a framework to consider the various challenges to societal norms and biological changes to the population at large that genetics have created. To truly begin understanding a subject, context is always necessary. To serve that end, here is a brief timeline outlining […]Continue reading