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Top Fitness Trends for 2015

Discover a better you in 2015!
Losing weight and improving health is a new year’s resolution many people commit to accomplishing but often fall short. 2015 can finally be the year to reverse that trend by trying one of these fitness trends that do not require inordinate amounts of time in the gym or unreasonable fasting. Research and practice have refined a number of techniques approachable for the average person to improve their health and lives. Here are the latest trends that can help make 2015 […]Continue reading

Advancements in Fitness Genomics

DNA testing helps simplify fitness and weight management.
The consumer genomics industry has rapidly expanded in the past few years, due to the popularity of ancestry services and increased efficiency in DNA collection methods. People can now learn the secrets of their genetic blueprints with increased speed and accuracy. What this means for the industry as a whole is exploring new avenues to utilize this information for delivering profitable consumer-driven services. While ancestry may have opened the door, the health and fitness industries are poised to be the […]Continue reading

Making Sense of Genes and Fitness

Genes play an important role in the body's response to physical activity and fitness
Everyone has some understanding of the importance and basic function of DNA in nature. DNA is genetic material essential to life as we know it. It provides the chemical building blocks of all life on Earth, a blueprint unique to every organism yet comprised of the same amino acids. Genetic engineering has allowed humanity to begin cracking this code and downloading data that has been hidden for millions of years. Among the discoveries, science has begun cracking the code in […]Continue reading