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DNA: Law Enforcement vs Personal Privacy

Lawmakers must continue crafting policies to keep up with advances in technology.
DNA testing has been an invaluable tool for criminal investigators over the past twenty five years. Despite the value in bringing criminals to justice and proving others’ innocence, many questions of mistrust and skepticism still remain. Reconciling the technology with society’s values and perception is an ongoing debate. History Forensic DNA analysis first came into existence in 1988, when the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) began employing this burgeoning technology into its investigations. While fingerprinting and other time-honored methods were […]Continue reading

Why Storing Your DNA Makes Sense

DNA storage is securing your families future.
While genetic engineering and modern genomics have advanced incredibly since James Watson and Francis Crick mapped out DNA’s double helix structure, the field is by no means slowing down. With consumer testing kits both increasing accuracy and lowering price points, an explosion in applications has occurred including storing one’s DNA for future usage. The Advantages The primary reason to consider DNA storage is for future scientific and medical advancement. Despite sounding strange, this is also the reason why people spend […]Continue reading

Exciting Times for DNA Spectrum this Holiday Season!

DNA Spectrum Holiday Sweepstakes.
In keeping with the holiday spirit and show our appreciation to everyone who has supported us over the past year, DNA Spectrum is offering up a number of Holiday Thank you coupons and a chance to win a Full Spectrum Ancestry Package on us. These are perfect opportunities to save money this season while giving gifts that affect both one’s past and future. DNA Spectrum Holiday Coupon Codes Because of their fantastic success this past Black Friday and Cyber Monday, […]Continue reading