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What Questions Do Clients Ask DNA Spectrum’s Customer Care Team?

Customer Care is ready to take your questions!
DNA-testing products, such as ancestry testing and genetic storage, stand at the cutting edge of consumer services. While many people may be aware of the technology itself in a limited fashion, few understand the ramifications of it insinuating itself into regular life. With World DNA Day 2015 upon us, this is a good moment to pause and consider the kinds of companies bringing DNA testing to the masses and how they interact with the customers they serve. At DNA Spectrum, […]Continue reading

DNA Breakthroughs from the Past Year

DNA breakthroughs over past year
Genetic technology has yet to show any signs of slowing down; while the discovery of the double helix’s structure astounded the world decades ago, advancements in this field continue on an ever-increasingly furious pace. Over the past twelve months alone various developments have come to light which, in time, may reinvent the entire field yet again. With World DNA Day coming up on April 25th, here are stories to be aware of over the past twelve months: 1) DNA Proven […]Continue reading

Personal Genomics is Healthcare’s Future

Personalized gene sequencing and how it can help improve your life.
With people reeling from the reality of rising healthcare costs, it is easy to think that there is no hope in sight to obtain affordable healthcare for everybody. However, a fundamental change in healthcare is poised to occur within the next few years as personal genomics finally penetrates the mainstream. Genetic sequencing has made long strides over the last 15 years, when the Human Genome Project produced its first rough draft assembly of the genome itself. This effort was achieved […]Continue reading