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The Genealogy of Thanksgiving

Make the Most of Thanksgiving with Family this Year.
Some people know a little family history because their ancestors have written their stories in journals and passed them down several generations. While other families carry on a tradition of story-telling. The only thing that can tell the whole story is your DNA. DNA is the most reliable source because it cannot be embellished or forgotten. Just think, you might learn that you are related to the first families who celebrated Thanksgiving in this country. Finding a Link to the […]Continue reading

Thanksgiving and Family Traditions

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to record your family history.
As Thanksgiving arrives, friends and family gather around a table lined with turkey and all the trimmings. It is a holiday filled with family traditions! Understanding where these traditions originate from can bring a family closer to the past and individual family heritage. Turkey Preparation Turkey is usually a Thanksgiving staple, families from various cultures prepare the bird in different ways. For example, many Hawaiians use a coffee rub over the turkeys. New Englanders enjoy salt encrusted birds, and southern […]Continue reading

The Pursuit for Genetic Resilience in Serious Diseases

Disease-resistant 'genetic heroes' are among us
One consistent vein of research within genetic engineering has been disease treatment and prevention. Ever since Genentech produced the first genetically-cloned insulin in 1978, gene therapy has been at the forefront of identifying potential treatments for life-threatening conditions. In the intervening decades, DNA sample collection methods and analysis have significantly improved and become cost-effective.Continue reading