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What Your Genetic Markers Mean For Your Diet

Let your body speak for itself!
People who struggle with weight loss may wonder where they are going wrong. It is possible for dieters to maintain an unhealthy weight despite their adherence to an eating plan that includes a significant calorie deficit.Continue reading

An Overview of Genetics & Weight Management

Let Your Body Speak for Itself!
Some people have an aversion to going to the gym and others don’t have any patience for playing sports. This makes maintaining a regular exercise regimen impossible for a lot of people who want to lose weight. Recently, scientists have discoveredContinue reading

New DNA Based Exercise Platform myDNA Fitness

An Easier Way to a Healthy Lifestyle
More than 34.9% or 78.6 million of U.S. adults are currently overweight. Millions of people who try exercise programs find that the results don’t match the intense efforts they put into getting in shape.Continue reading