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Exercise Affects Your DNA – and Vice Versa

Exercise can affect the way your DNA functions and vice versa
Regular exercise increases energy levels, makes us happier by releasing endorphins, and – of course – helps us keep our bodies in better condition. New research is proving that this is true not just for our muscles and tendons, but for our entire bodies – down to the genetic level. Researchers in the field of epigenetics are studying how exercise can directly affect your DNA and how it functions. Initial reports show that there are a number of external actions […]Continue reading

DNA Is Your Hard Drive

DNA is nature's best hard drive, storing incredible amounts of information for a very long time
It turns out DNA is the best storage medium there is on Earth. Nothing beats it. Think about it, all the directions that make you up are stored on tiny proteins that are hard to see even with a microscope. The human genome (all of those directions controlling your eye color, hair color, height, skin) contains between 25,000 and 30,000 genes. That’s a ton of information compressed down into these microscopic structures. Let’s put into perspective just how much data […]Continue reading

Exercise – You’re Doing It Wrong

Exercise success is linked to DNA
Getting in shape is hard; that’s a fact there’s no shame in admitting. As much as we don’t want to be overweight and out of shape, most of the population seriously struggles with the motivation to spend three to five days a week fighting with machines, hefting barbells, jumping rope, running on treadmills, or swimming laps. What’s really frustrating is when you do finally get motivated and make the effort and still don’t see the results that you want! Worse […]Continue reading